In recent years, people worldwide have been shaken by escalating forces of Mother Nature and Humankind. We have all been increasingly aware of fires, landslides, earthquakes, civil unrest, hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, blizzards and terrorist bombings.

Grabbit partners Lauren and Thomas are concerned by these dramatic events and search for useful answers to a serious, growing need. They develop products that focus on personal comfort and well-being, encouraging people to prepare for the unexpected in today's world.

Lauren, with an education in art, a career in film and television, and Thomas, with his architecture and business background, joined their entrepreneurial spirits. Lauren remembered Smokey Bear teaching her fire safety as a child, and thought that emergency preparedness might benefit from a reassuring, educational "spokes-animal".

Lauren and Thomas envisioned an unusual aesthetic approach, with an easy-going and friendly logo to calm fears while inspiring a sense of adventure. Grabbit, the confident and resourceful rabbit was born. Although very competent, he is no super-hero. Intelligent and a problem-solver, with tools and knowledge readily at hand, he calmly faces the challenges of nature. His well-designed preparedness packs give peace of mind by organizing things in one convenient place to grab in a hurry .

Grabbit packs feature high-quality products assembled in sturdy, fashionable backpacks, shoulder bags, fanny packs and totes. Toys, adventure and organizing books, as well as accessories for daily use in homes, cars, offices, and schools create a confident and secure environment.

Fun, reassuring and artistically designed, Grabbit products teach the miracles of nature, ecology, weather and travel. Grabbit... a meaningful and caring gift for all occasions.